Making an Impact

Improving the quality of life for older people, families and communities.

“The Choice Support Worker actually asked me what I wanted, me. Nobody had asked me that before.”
Client aged, 75.

As a result of engagement with the Dewis Choice Service a female client, aged 62 said,I keep thinking to myself ‘gosh I can do this, I can go out and do my shopping’ and you know… And I can eat what I like when I like, I can go for a walk … And just organise myself. Sit down and watch the television that I want to watch. Or fall asleep in front of it… Anything! Yeah it’s the freedom of being able to do what I want when I want.

Calling on Welsh Government to bring about change


Dewis Choice has facilitated and supported our volunteers to meet and discuss the issues faced by individuals aged over 60 who experience abuse resulting in them setting up a petition calling for Welsh Government to transform the response for older people experiencing domestic abuse.  For more information and to sign please follow the link  and/or follow us on twitter @choiceolderppl.




Shining a light on older LGBTQ+ people’s experiences

With the help of independent film-maker, Christian Gordine, Dewis Choice are producing two short films to highlight the lived experiences of LGBT+ people’s relationships in later life. The first short film,  ‘Do You See Me?’ will follow the first-hand accounts of older LGBTQ+ people from across the UK, giving them the opportunity to talk openly about their personal relationships with friends, family members and partners. The film will capture experiences of positive and unhealthy or abusive relationships.

The second short film will be designed for practitioners to raise awareness of older LGBTQ+ relationships in later life. It will provide tools for practitioners to be able to identify and respond to unhealthy or abusive relationships, alongside how practitioners can strengthen existing positive relationships. If you would like to hear more about how you could help this community-led project, please contact Christian Gordine on 07837681506 or or Sarah Wydall on 0783377754, Rebecca Zerk on  01970 622519 or email




 Embedding our learning into the community

The project attracts international attention from practitioners, academics and NGOs and community groups through the production of peer reviewed journals, online guidance documents and training provision.

We deliver training and knowledge transfer to bring about positive change for those who have been affected by abusive or unhealthy behaviours in their families.  Our work has been evaluated by over 629 practitioners, managers and academics.

We have developed and delivered SafeLives (the largest training provider of DVA services in England and Wales) accredited training to Independent Domestic Violence Advisors and the Big Lottery UK funders have highlighted the project as a case exemplar.

Raising awareness deep within community settings

The project aims to tackle the root causes of the problem. We have worked with community groups, practitioners and students to challenge the pervasive ageism that exists within society through workshops and training sessions on healthy relationships in later life, positive ageing and intergenerational work around pro-social modelling. The project has raised awareness of abuse experienced by older people with 2,970 people at local, national and international conferences and workshops.